Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Spiritual Plane

Something must be going on lately as suicide stories keep coming to me. (on the positive side, they're all stories that ended in the person not managing to actually kill him/herself.)

The moment I heard about the 2nd story of the day, an image of a street crowded with people came to my mind. Nearly all of them - nearly - had a dark spirit whispering in their ear. This image reminded me of my first day of 7th grade. I'd walked onto campus a frail, unimpressive little twelve year old but immediately was met with what I knew shouldn't have been surprising...

every student in the main courtyard, the main area where they gathered before the bell rang, had a dark spirit whispering in their ear. What they were being told, I of course could only imagine, for dark spirits' whispers can be translated into words, actions and thoughts.

It's a demon that whispers in a smoker's ear, "you need a smoke. You need to feel that deception fill your lungs." It's a demon that whispers in a person's ear, "swear. You need to speak in a vulgar manner to fit in. To look good." And it's a demon that whispers in a sad person's ear, "life is not worth it. Take it away and only peace will come."
Sadly, people have recently been trusting and believing the voice of demons that sound so sweet and tempting.

The suicide stories today have reminded me of the spiritual plane. The dimension in our existence that  none can even imagine is there, simply because it's unseen. But it is there and it's as real as the air we breathe. If only God would give more people the sight - as terrifying as it is - to see and understand the existence of the spiritual plane. It's that part of the world that ours depends on. It's that part of the world that drives what we do...and so few know about it. And even fewer can see it.