Monday, September 12, 2011


There's been a change in my mentality about the term, "Empath." I guess it's just been something on my mind lately and I feel as if God has kind of spoken to me about this.

What's changed is this: I'm beginning to feel that labeling ourselves (by "ourselves" I mean we who call ourselves empaths...highly sensitive people), we are pointing believers who are confused and looking for answers, in the wrong direction. When someone types in the word "Empath" in a search engine, the seeker is typically directed to sites about psychics or spiritualists...those who God tells us not to deal with.

"Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God" (Gal. 5:19-21).

So, in my website and on my blog, I will try to lean away from the word unless the situation calls for it - and even then, I will make it known that I don't label myself with the spiritualists. In all honesty, we need to remain tied to God's word and the names He gives us. Children of God. Brothers in Christ. Prophet or prophetesses - if appropriate.

Just my two cents. God bless you all!


Please pray for me. A month has passed with every night full of bad dreams. It's difficult but I know God has a plan.


  1. I understand you, totally. I'm also very thankful to have come across your path as, I too, have been struggling with a sense of self, being a "spirit-filled" Christian, and being "sensitive."

    When I was very young, my grandmother told me that I was a "sensitive." The phrase of the day was "ESP." We were Southern Baptists, and any form of the supernatural was considered from the pit of hell. The "gifts" were done away with and any manifestations of them were a major No! No! for a Christian who had "abilities."

    It caused me great conflict as I had visions that would come to pass, and could discern what people were thinking or feeling. My "talents" we so profound that some friends thought I may even be a witch.

    I even dabbled in the occult when I was around twelve years old, because no one in the church seemed to be able to give me any answers, nor, did they want to. My parents just said that I was like my grandmother, and left it alone.

    I grappled back and forth with my "spirituality" for many years, always returning to Jesus. I was finally able to turn off the switch, and, other than dreams, and picking up the occasional vibe from someone, I became dull, or just denied that part of myself.

    Then when my hubby and I got married and rededicated our lives to Jesus, and became "spirit-filled," things began to happen again. We lived a very prophetic life, filled with discernment, understanding, and healing. My dreams and visions became more vivid. God used us in many ways and it was such a blessing. We just retired from 21 years of fruitful ministry (although we are only in our forties.)

    I said all of this to say that I believe that the occult practices are a counterfeit for what God has for his people. The spiritual realm is more real than the natural.

    I still struggle with the fine lines at times, but the Lord is always faithful to lovingly remind me of what lines shouldn't be crossed.

    It's not that I desire to be "other-worldly," I'm just drawn to the supernatural. I have all of the traits of an empath. But, I have come to the conclusion that it's simply because I'm in tune with His Spirit, and am a prophetic individual who functions in the gifts of the Spirit.

    I don't understand why I'm so sound sensitive, and prefer to be alone, although I have many friends and live an active life. I don't know why I'm drawn to the ocean and have an incredible love for animals. I have the "buzzing" in my ears, constantly, and have tended to feel sickly all of my life. (It's something that I don't talk about as I never wanted people to think it was all in my head.) I have to check my moods often, as I seem to pick up on other's feelings. I'm an avid peacemaker, and am very uncomfortable with conflict. I know when something is just not right with situations and people. I'm totally exhausted most of the time. I've seen into the spirit realm on a few occasions, as well.

    I faithfully put on the armor of God, and pray for His protection and leading.

    I guess what I'm saying is, I know how many of you feel (no pun intended). I've been asking the Lord to show me what I'm supposed to do now. It can be challenging, even with Jesus by my side (or rather, in my heart). So many pastors and christian counselors are not comfortable with addressing these issues in the church, leaving sensitive people with more questions than answers. It's a taboo subject, even in the Full-Gospel/non-denominational circles. Pat answers are always given.

    I'm just thankful that you have made provision for communication on this subject. I don't feel so alone, anymore.


  2. Don't stop posting. We Christians who are followers of Jesus need support and need your encouragement. There are many of us who can totally identify with what you are saying.

    I too have felt what others are feeling all of my life. Sometimes, I have to ponder whether or not somebody told me something (what's going on in their life, or whether I just know it.

    I am in a spot at this time in my life where I feel like I don't have to tell people, I don't have to tell anyone. (at least those close to me) I came looking for support from Christians, and like many have found some forums where it is a bit too dark for me. That is not what I am looking for.

    First, I am relieved that I am not some paranoid person. I can be glad that I've been blessed with the gift that the Lord has given me. I don't have to go through some ritual to shake the bad energies that I've picked up along the way through out my day, but ask for the Lord to lift them from me, and like you, put on the armor of God.

    Keep in prayer, let the Lord lead you and he will inform you when and IF you need to seek spiritual counseling from your pastor or anyone else.

    I don't understand why I'm so sound sensitive, and prefer to be alone, although I have many friends and live an active life. I don't know why I'm drawn to the ocean and have an incredible love for animals. I have the "buzzing" in my ears, constantly, and have tended to feel sickly all of my life. (It's something that I don't talk about as I never wanted people to think it was all in my head.) I have to check my moods often, as I seem to pick up on other's feelings. I'm an avid peacemaker, and am very uncomfortable with conflict. I know when something is just not right with situations and people. I'm totally exhausted most of the time. I've seen into the spirit realm on a few occasions, as well.

    I completely identify with the copped statement. There was a time that we had problems with spirits in our home , due to the fact that the people who lived her before us held seance . We had to go to every single wall in the home, inside the closets as well and command the spirits to all leave and tell them they were not welcome here. We had to tell them that ONLY the Holy Spirit was allowed here. Stand firm in the name of Jesus, and door the work the Lord lays on your heart.

    1. wow I completely identify! with almost every sentence, incredible! I feel it has intensified over the last year.. nice to know that others have this and are christian too. I do not feel so alone in this. Thank you.

  3. I just posted on the post from Jan20.11 and I think this exact reason is why I was so confused and had so much trouble with this when I first got a name to put to my abilities. Not only did it make them real (which was both relieving and scary) but it was the name to which I'd only ever heard accredited to the occult. Again, it's amazing to know that there are other Christians out there like me and that I'm not some freak with her feet unknowingly in both doors. =) Thank you for this blog and for being so open and candid about this stuff.

  4. Thank you, Vision. Your words are inspiring, and I appreciate this post so much. I've commented before, once sharing my story, and once praying for you.

    I used to struggle with using the word empath. No one in the Christian community really uses it. Actually, a lot of them have issues with prophet, too, but that's a whole other problem.

    See, I used to question why God gave me these gifts. I wondered why I had the ability to sense the presences around me, why I could pick up on the feelings of others so easily and why I could sense when bad things were happening. God showed me the answer.

    He's called me to prophesy, yes, even be a prophetess. I resisted the call for a long time, insisting that it was for someone else, that a young girl like me could never be a prophet. The time of prophets is over, right? Prophets just lie, right? Prophets are more often tools of Satan, right?

    God answered each and all of my questions. Sometimes it wasn't so much an answer as a "trust me." Finally, at my last year of camp, I said yes. My calling was solidified, and I knew that I was involved in the prophetic, no matter what. The more I pray and the more I dig into the Word, the more assured I am that this is God's calling for me. It's a relief.

    That's what God has done with my empathetic gifts. It's a mix of prophecy, intercession, and discerning of spirits. To the secular world, I may be an empath, but to God, I'm His daughter. I'm a girl with a calling on her life to prophesy for God. Being a Christian empath is being called by God to prophesy, to counsel, to intercede. Each empath has a unique calling by God. Some are meant to be prophets, some counselors, some even other occupations/classifications I haven't mentioned or thought of.

    Please keep writing, Vision. Your words are inspiring, and they bring me encouragement. They bring a lot of people encouragement. You are in my prayers. Let me know if there is any way I can be a blessing to you.

  5. I just found out that I was an empath. I'm a strong believer of God and attends a baptist church. I want to be able to strengthen my abilities to serve God. I don't know what my purpose is, but I do know that God gave me this gift for a reason and I want to use my gifts in a way that will glorify me. Can someone email me

  6. I am so thankful to find this place. I have been in other communities for empaths that are not God centered. I too have abilities and its very nice to know you all have them as well. They are gifts from God! We must use these for his glory! I think alot of people have these its just some used it for bad and some don't. Its like art or anything else. We have choices to do as we see fit. I am trying to understand all I have and how to use them. With prayer god will show me. Blessed be!

  7. I spent my life feeling overwhelmed and lost, angry. I grew up in a catholic household, with a father that beat my mother regularly and verbally and physically abused myself and my six brothers and sisters. My mother has always been sensitive and a healer and a woman of strong faith. I never quite understood any of that. I just felt overwhelmed with sadness and grief and i couldnt control the overwhelming emotions that would take over me. I would cry out to God to help me, save me. But i talked to him regularly and kept on living. In the recent death of my neice, I found God and am a Christian and have been receiving revelations as i draw closer to God. I have found forgivness in my heart in my walk with God. But i still felt the overwhelming emotions of the people around me, sometimes i didnt realize it till much later, after realizeing i was letting these emotions affect my other half. I find comfort in knowing that Im not alone. I pray to God for guidance. Sometimes i dont know if this gift is from him for not. I dont really know how to control or even tell when im picking up mine or someone elses emotions. But i am extremely close to my brothers and sisters, and i pick up their emotions when they are struggling internally. Its been very strange coming to this realization. I tried to get informed on what this was and the information out there really is pagan or spiritualist related, that really caused me some concern. But christian empaths, thats pretty cool. God has truly blessed me and is leading me to find my true purpose. Im not there yet, but im finding myself as I draw closer to God. May God be with us All and lead us to truly access and use his gifts as he intended for us. Blessed be!

    Grace-25-Austin, Tx

  8. Grace, I am Catholic also and an empath. The priest at my church say to embrace my abilities! They are from God! I know what u are saying about your dad and stuff. me also :( I really cant seperate me from my past easily yet! But stay close to God and he will lead u! stay away from empath sites!! been there!! Very bad :) Hugs!!

  9. I am in the boat of FINALLY figuring out that being an "empath" is the best explanation for the gifts of the spirit I am receiving. I am Catholic, and working up the nerve to tell my Priest. I know The Church embraces and recognizes us. He probably wonders why I've been at daily mass so frequently since I am only 34. I just wanted to say, KEEP POSTING! I found this site because I need more information and I don't want to get it from secular sources. I need fellowship also. I believe God gave me this ability to help others, and I will need the help of others to use it. We are ALL the body of Christ. Together we are each stronger than when we are apart. <3

  10. Hi,
    Me too Me too!!!!When I read the definitions, symptoms,traits, whatever...of an empath~I could see the key turn in the lock, I heard the lock turn, and felt the thud of the opening lock. Wow!!
    I have loved the Lord since I was a little girl. While the Lord has never forsaken me, I have wandered far and wide.
    I have no desire to hook up with any other spirit or entity or thought pattern other than the Holy Spirit; my brother Jesus, The Risen Christ; and Father God.
    I do think that knowing about the traits allows me to master them instead of them mastering me.
    I command in the Name of Jesus, protection for myself and family society world etc. With my house and family I visiulize (sp)angels standing wing to wing, four of them, 60 feet high, and clothed in glowing white robes, facing outwards with drawn swords. My children & grandchildren I see their guardian angel and my angle walking alongside of them with the Angels arms one on each shoulder of my loved one. I believe those images are all biblical and correct. I know I can speak up in the name of the LORD because He told me I could. Anyway
    Also, I am working on being conciously aware to close down my receptiveness~I got the picture of a HUGE lint roller just covered with all kinds of fuzz, absolutely clogged. So I ripped off that sheet and put the cover over the lint roller!! Now in the morning I purposely take 30 seconds or more some conciously put the cover on the lint roller before I leave to work. I try to step out of myself more, instead just hopping on the roller coaster. I do have a choice. I did not know that before, I did not know I could get off the ride.
    I don't know why it took so long for me to get it...I am 56. I have been working with a counselor and we cleared up some other stuff, so that may help. I am just grateful to not feel so heavy all the time. And sad. And confused. And I did not have a clue how I felt about much of anything. I thought I was wishy washy and weak, because I don't have strong opinions about many things. I don't need to have it done my way, I don't care who picks out the movie, and I prefer to ride in the car to being the driver. That is the charm of me.
    Now that I know I cry at everything I am feeling more in control. I was avoiding gatherings. Good Grief, I cried at Great Wolf Lodge because the Lifeguards were doing such a great job! Two on each side walk up and down the length of the pool, with their eyes sweeping the pool and their whistles in their mouth! It is a beautiful thing.
    I am studing on wisdom and the Holy Spirit in the Bible. I am thinking that the Holy Spirit for me may be feminine and I am making it my intent to honor who God made me to be. I think of myself as a shield over a flashlight, and God is the flashlight & I want to uncover whatever is preventing God's light shining through me, and blessing me as I bless others with God's light.
    Well, enough of that. May God give you a willing spirit; to sustain you. (Ps 51)

  11. The crazy thing is that God gave me the word "empath" in a dream. Now this was after being told that i had prophetic gifting. I had no idea what the word meant so when I woke, the first thing I did was google it and of course the light bulb popped on! Knowing that God has peculiar ways, I truly believe that he used this term so associated with the world, to give me spiritual clarity on my gift! Remember God can take what was meant for our bad, and use for the upliftment of the kingdom of heaven!!!

  12. Please pray for me. Tonight I had an individual profess His love for the Lord and said he wants to become a Pastor, but her referred to himself as an Empath. I had never heard that term before, so I searched on youtube and when I heard the explanation, I was floored. It was describing me. Everything I have ever felt from a child (now 41) . The only problem I had was I felt this evil presence when watching the video, and could instantly discern that it was a cult video, and that people were being used to copy a God given gift. Thank you for your post, because I too know that every perfect gift comes from God and the gifts that He has given me is to be used for his purpose. So now that I have some type of explanation and also people that share in my situation, I can now go to Him in prayer and seek His guidance.

  13. I was just wondering if anyone here is close to buna texas? I could use some help on this subject from someone who is knowlegable about it in a christian way. Thanks

  14. I'm a teenager and i have experienced strange things my hole life. I have had dreams that came true and I have also been 'sensitive' to other peoples feelings. When I try to speak about it to other Christians they usually don't understand me or they tell me that it's from demons and stuff,. But I believe God has given me these gifts for a reason and even though I am not sure what it is now, I want to know why and how I can use it better so that I can do what God wants me to do. I am trying to find out and would really appreciate it if someone could help me or if someone can tell me where I can find the answers.

  15. I am an empath who is extremely sensitive to the emotions of others.
    I have been a Christian for 31 years. With my sensitivities I thought of finding solace in the church but it has been more pain than I ever imagine. With my empathic nature I have a hard time seeing people hurt and rejected. I was quite free at heart but they considered this abnormal. sometime they say to me your are too sensitive and the next thing is withdrawal. My experience with the church as been from withdrawal to rejection. Those who accepted me did for my empathic ability and when I feel overwhelmed and need to be alone for sometime, they considered my strange. Very painful to be in this environment! God is love and Light and he does not reject his own. I am done with the drama in the church. The truth I know is that Jesus ministry is real and he is full of light, unconditional love and light. I Love him and this I will do to the end of my life.

  16. I think the problem is we all try to fit in some box. Remember that God did not create did. Listen to your heart...God will speak to you if you really let him. Let go of what the world has told you to think about your gift, then you can let God tell you.

  17. Our Lord Jesus Christ literally took upon himself the sins of the world as he hung on the cross and felt them every one. Our heavenly Father had to turn his head at the ugliness of it. What empathy! What love! This empathic gift is to be treasured. It is Christ in you. In this world of ever increasing narcissism and materialism, I'm so thankful for you all. We are blessed to "feel".

  18. I am so glad I found your site. I too have been told I am an empath. I was afraid it was a bad thing at first. Being a Christian many would say an Empath is witchcraft. I all ways thought it was God tapping me on the shoulder to show me things He wanted me to be aware of. As for feeling others feelings, that has been happening to me all my life!

  19. It is amazing reading the blog and all these comments. Although I was born with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and lost a large portion of the first 18 years of my life, recently I've had to come to terms with how God has kept me and for the reason. I get angry, sad, and feel as if there is so much forgotten pain within the Church, that it is a haven for people who do not want to deal with it rather than believe that there is healing for them. Reading this blog, among other items, shows me more about myself back than, even though I had emotional problems myself as well as other members in my family, it amazes me that I do find this ability there without realizing it. I've never had anyone guiding me other than God and his mercy in my life. Strangest happening though, was when I was attending a church long time ago, this teacher I knew one Wednesday service stopped and pointed at two others and myself and said that God called us to be a prophet. I'm still not sure what that means, really haven't given it much thought. But with the writing gift God has given me, I hear him telling me to share myself with others and help them. As you freely receive, freely give. That is love. Thank you for reading this.

  20. Wow. Thank you for this site. Just starting the journey. Definitely connecting. Trusting, first, in Him.

  21. Thank you all for all these wonderful posts and insights!! I too am on my own journey and have been all my life. I always felt as if I just didn't quite belong or "fit in" in my christian family. I was raised a Christian by my dad's side of the family and accepted Jesus when I was 4 years old and even spoke in tongues with my family at that time. Although I know Jesus is my Savior and I fully love and accepted him I have battled with my own spirituality from early on because one of my first experiences was seeing a small child in the woods and I revealed this to my very religious grandmother ( that I love dearly and was more of a mother figure, and I have long since forgiven) and was told the devil was playing tricks on my mind, so completely mortified and feeling as if I must be a "bad girl" if satan had that much power over me already, I tried to shut my gift down. Throughout my life there was always lots of turmoil and emotional abuse especially from my mother and her side of the family (long standing line of narcissists) but I know God has always been with me, ( although I questioned him and his presence in my life many times) otherwise I literally wouldn't be here today.
    I have gone to great lengths to try to figure myself out and where I fit in this world and in the Christian role. Most of my adult life was spent recovering and healing from all the abuse I endured at the hands of people that claimed to "love" me. I spent lots of years in therapy which led me to one of my greatest friends and teachers that also grew up in a baptist family and was never allowed to speak of gifts she had from the age of 2. I have always known God has a greater plan and purpose for me as he does everyone of his children. I just never could understand or relate to others in my family on judging others or criticizing or putting limits on what God could do in this world with and through his children. I feel like so many religious people unknowingly give satan far too much credit and not enough to God. I know now my purpose and have tried every alternative to avoid going to church and being in a judgmental setting because I never could relate or fit in that scenario before.
    I am in the health care setting and take care of the sick daily and God uses me to plant seeds of hope in the sick and dying. He allows me to reach out to them in their time of need to let them know he is an all loving all forgiving God and its only our flesh that gets in our way of finding him and feeling his greatness and unconditional love! I truly understand my entire life from a spiritual aspect because I have lived in hell most of my life and I finally accepted him completely and he has set me free from my own prison. Something years of counseling and medications and finding the love of my life couldn't help me do! I am free to be who God created me to be and I accept my gifts and hope and pray I can help others find their way back to him. I understand now if this gift came from the "devil" I wouldn't be trying so hard to do good and help others find Christ and accept him in their own life.This is why God led me to the friend I mentioned above she helped me reconnect with God without the Christian support from my family or a church.
    I have always considered myself a spiritual person but not a religious one because I know how bad it feels to be rejected by people that you love and are leading a religious life. I am not judging anyone because that is not what I am here to do only live my life the way God intended me too. I accept the gift of empathy and spiritual insight wherever that may take me as long as God is in control I know I am safe and no longer fear it or his greatness and love. I love and accept myself and will forever be grateful to him and I just want to live to help others through him no matter where that takes me! God bless you all!!