Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Empath Talk

Alright readers,

Again, I'm steering from the testimony for a bit. I want to elaborate on the empath thing. As you all know, I am an empath. It simply means that when an angry person is near me, I can feel it. If someone is depressed, I know without them having to tell me. I'm highly sensitive to other people's emotions. I know when someone doesnt like me. I know a person's personality and whether or not I should get to know them before I speak to them. It's nothing that "came with practice." It's just always been there.

Now, I am a member of an online empath community where I can meet and talk with other empaths and share experiences or even reach out to those who need help. As a christian, this is a great opporunity to talk to other christian empaths who dont realize where the line not to be crossed is drawn.

For christians, empathy is a very thin and highly dangerous line to be walked. VERY thin. As a highly sensitive person, an empath is prone to dark-spirited influence. They are the ones that make it possible for empaths to carry other abilities; psychic abilties. As christians, we all know that this is against our beliefs. God does not accept psychics, mediums, spiritists, etc. Empathy in itself, as far as I know, is not a psychic ability. It is a sensitivity to other living things but it, more often than not, turns into contacting spirits, remote viewing, etc. That is why, as christians it is such a hard thing to deal with. We dont know when its too much.

Okay, let me get this part off my chest. I am no preacher. I dont have all the right answers. Shoot, I even doubt myself on the whole empathy thing pretty often. I'm afraid of doing something evil and wrong but the thing is that i've dealt with demons and the like since I was a little girl. I was a witch for much of my life (which, yes, i realize, isnt all that long so far). I'm just passing through a trial that involved me obtaining a number of new, psychic abilities and God had mercy on me, answering my prayers and taking away what was not from him. But the empathy is still there. My dreams are still there and I feel much lighter and safer. I cannot turn off empathy. It's not in my control at all times. Until God takes it away, I have to believe that He answered my prayers in full and not in pieces and that what is left in me is from Him to be used for His glory and His alone.
When I turned my back on witchcraft, all of the "friendly" spirits that I was in contact with turned their backs on me and attacked my family. They nearly tore us apart but again, God had mercy and saved me from ruining my life; from ruining my chance to be with Him when my job is done on this earth.
I've been trying to ignore my empathic abilty but like I said, it can't simply be turned off.

I really hope this post helped someone out there. I may add more later but it's real late for me and I am EXHAUSTED! Good night, all! And God bless!



  1. Hi Followers,

    I am like you very very much, but until now I was afraid to go and search on non christian sites. I found you first on Empath Community but that is to much new age and stuff. I am a born again christian and they say quite anointed and called for healing ministry an used by God in that. Although I am not as young as you are and originally from a former communist country. I would like to talk to you if I could I hate typing a lot.

    1. I suffer with many food sensitivities. I'm always holding excess fluid. I have a hard time losing weight. Anyone else with these health issues?

      Otherwise, I would like to share that I've learned to stay constantly connected with God's peace. If I feel a negative emotion, I need to figure out the source and correct it. I've found a lot of great resources on Sid Roth. Such as, How to Hear God's Voice by Mark Virkler and How to Walk in Peace 24-7. Sid Roth also put out a DVD on How to Pray in Tonges. This is helpful when I'm too spent to pray. I can pray in Tonges and renew and refresh my spirit.

    2. God never gives us gifts to later take away. I'm a Christian and I have odd abilities that the world would call "psychic", but the truth is that ALL these spiritual abilities come from The Lord, but they are defined based on where we currently are at.

      If you are not saved and can know things about a person you never met, that gift would considered "clarevoyant"; the ability is not being lead by the Holy Spirit and runs a high risk of being lead by demonic forces. However if you are saved, that gift is then able to be used for Christ and it is the gift of the spirit "word of knowledge". Every worldly spirtual gift has a holy counterpart, but really it is more that all these gifts were given with the intent to be used for the Lord's glory and will. But the enemy wants to manipulate and bastardize everything good. Always thank & praise the Lord for your gifts! Be cautious how and when you use these abilities - seek Him through intense prayer and meditation on His Word to know how your gifts can be utilized for The Kingdom of God!

    3. I realize this is an old post so you may not get this, but I just wanted to say that I'm an empathy too and it's nice to hear someone else struggle with it. I have gotten in trouble because of this gift and most of my life I resisted it, thinking it was a curse. I just recently realized it is a unique and wonderful gift. However, you're right, you have to keep it in check. The advantage is this gift seems to lead into a gift of spiritual discernment. So, when you trust you instincts of what is from God and right, you're usually dead on. The challenge for me is first realizing my instincts are how God communicates to me and I should stand by them even though others undermine them. The second challenge is standing back and realizing when I'm acting on emotions that I'm picking, but are not mine. I have the ability to know the difference if I will stop and "test the spirit", but I have to keep myself in check. Once you realize what you feel or hear isn't from God you can reject it or deal with it impersonally. This gift is desperately needed in our world today. You have the ability to cut through walls, manipulation, and lies. You can save people who are drowning in this and can't find their way out alone. Remember the beatitude, "blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God". As long as God is in your heart nothing can take away your purity. You will see God and spread His light to everyone in darkness. Don't be afraid and don't doubt yourself. This gift is from God, not the world. I will send up a prayer that you have strength, discernment, and peace. Blessings sister!

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  3. Hi all

    When I became a Christian this was one of the most difficult things for me to understand. Because I believed that it was wrong and did not belong. My 3rd eye was closed (thank God for that). But the gift did not go away it changed to disernment,God used it for his Glory. I am now a Christian Lay Counselor in our church and I have learnt to turn down the volume. I have learnt to embrace my gift as my ministry, but I always pray and confirm with God first before I do or say anything. Jesus Love

    1. Thank you and every one else on this sight for their words. I have needed to hear that it is o.k. to be a born again Christian and an em-path. I hope and now will pray that I use my gift to help others, and not myself.

    2. My friend is a missionary and his 3rd eye is used to identify and pray against the spiritual darkness they often face over there.

  4. I have been a christian for many my whole life. I am glad to have others like me to talk to. I have thought I was just crazy for so long. I am new to this idea of being an Empath. It totally describes me and what I live with. I can't handle any kind of crowds. I freak out over all of the energy I pick up and can literally go into panic attacks. I know when someone does not like me. I feel others pain in such a strong way. How do you figure out what is your feelings and what is others attaching to you? Is this not of the occult? I am just learning as I said. Am I cursed or something? I can't turn it off and it freaks me out. I don't want to be an empath.

    1. I for one do not believe this to be a curse but a gift from God. The Bible clearly states that all people have gifts of some kind that God gives us. We are meant to use them in the way God directs us to. If we encounter demons, then we are to renounce them and banish them. If we encounter dark energy (as most empaths are aware of) them we are to trust this on our radar screen and avoid it (whether a person or animal) or be weary of it - or even attempt to convert it. Sometimes what we fear most is a test to help someone through God. I believe that empaths can and are meant to truly help others. Did Jesus not see through people and know what they were feeling in order to help them? Did he not instill the same gifts to his apostles? Why then would anyone think of this as a curse? The ability to see, feel, an interpret energy ( derived from emotion and thought) is essentially a God-given gift that we select few (and many more that are unaware) are "called" to use for God's will. Essentially Empaths work through God and it is up to us through fellowship to help eachother sharpen our skills, fine-tune our radars, and develope the skill set to turn the sensitivity knob as needed and when needed to help God's people - our fellow siblings in Spirit... and to realize we are all connected by God's grace. It is our challenge then to "fight the good fight" and "against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms"

    2. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I do not go out much because if I am around too many people I feel like I am going to lose it! When I went to Disney on Ice with my daughter it was horrible for me. Thank God she understands. I at times have felt like this is a curse because I can't control it. Sometimes the emotional pain is so much it is overwhelming. But I know that God gave this gift to me and I am determined to learn to control it and use it to the glory of the Lord.

  5. Okay, I am just hoping you receive this and can steer me in the right direction.

    I think I have some empathic abilities. Thankfully they either do not seem to turn on in large crowds or I have instinctively learned to block them. Where it is becoming a problem is with my teenage daughter who is emoting all over the place and is going through a particularly rough patch. What comes and goes for her emotionally, tends to really pull me down, the result being that I cannot tell if the depression is hers or mine. I don't know if her sadness is causing me to spiral out of control or if it is coming from her and i don't really know how to turn this off. I don't know if I can handle the roller coaster ride of 14 now that I am 42.

    the only other time this was a problem for me was during a time when I was working with a little boy with aspergers. Because he was very uncommunicative, I learned to read him, which greatly helped me to figure out what he needed, the bad thing was that when he was overloaded, I became overloaded and overwhelmed as well. I felt like my nerves were raw and like i was going crazy. needless to say, i quit that job, but I can't quit being a mother nor would I want to.

    I am also wondering if, as the counter to empaths, there is such a thing as an emoter who can project their emotions. My daughter has always done this. I don't see her as an empath herself as she never cries or seems to "feel" things the way I do, but she does tend to avoid social settings which is confusing to her as she wants to be invited and feels left out if she had been neglected to be invited.

    I am also a Christian and I don't want to meditate on my chakras. There must be some way to deal with this spiritually that isn't mystical and require spirit guides. If God gave this to me, surely there must be a way to deal with it.

    Any advice?

    1. I think you should meditate on your chakras because otherwise God is taking away your abilities and a God that takes away what he created you with is not unconditional love.

      It's like God slapping you repeatedl in the face and then later saying he loves you afterwards and wishes for you to not do those sins so you can go home to heaven but what right does God have to slap you in the first place?

      Note. I DO NOT myself fully have the answers about Christianity and Empath but from what I've seen and learned it seems wrong for God to tell you to not contact spirits unless of course the spirits do have an agenda which many do but there are others that don't.

      The reason why spirits exist in the first place is because they are either unable or unwilling to cross over for whatever reason be it too afraid due to unfamiliarity in which they connect to a host to stay or a problem needs resolving.

      That one passage in the bible is something in my conscience I'll always disagree with because it shows that God only cares about himself and views himself high and mighty until I am given a further understanding otherwise.


      The NT God and the OT God I believe are actually two very different Deity beings where one is all about blood agreements and convents which if one person deviates from it in the slightest the whole tribe will be punished for that one person's sins. Where as the other God is more about loving others and seeing things in hindsight mode but the authors were told only to write what they saw which doesn't mean they are given the full picture.

      Sometimes you can only see things in hindsight mode which is what Jesus taught a lot about and helps when I remember a passage from him when I am angry at him for allowing things to happen as the OT just leaves me scratching my head about the cruelness of God.

      I have to work REALLY hard at it and not let things overload me or I'll go into a nuclear meltdown mode.

      I tried butGod will not turn off my abilities so if he blames me I am going to stand up and file a lawsuit/grievance report or whatever they call it up there for unsafe conditions.

      I have my own reasons as to why Satan had his angels rebel because the bible does not talk about the whys and hows.

    2. Don't worry about chakras, Pray to God with your whole body in a deep meditation. He knows all. Try to keep your thoughts quiet, and open yourself like book to God and Christ. After all, Christ said he was the last profit. I think when Christ said he stands at the door and knocks, he was talking about our harts. That's what he won, the keys to the believers harts. Our strength comes from Christ through our harts. The more of Christ's teachings you can understand, the more we will understand our gifts.

  6. I guess I am an empath. I really try to keep it to myself as most christians think I am into the occult. I love how I know what my kids want before they ask and that I can tell if I should not talk to someone. My biggest struggle right now is that my Mom just had knee surgery and my Mother-in-law has been fighting breast cancer. We have been bouncing back and forth this Christmas btween the two homes and I am either feeling uncomfortable or extremely tired. I jokingly typed in turning off empathy and found this site. I think the only thing we can do is to take breaks away and ask God to help us focus this great gift to reach those he would have us reach. God bless to everyone and thank you for this site!

  7. Hi! This is a very interesting and personal topic for me and I just want to share my experiences with being a Christian and an empathic person. I'm glad to have been led by God to places where I can practice my gifts for his Glory... I've the gift of healing, tongues, wisdom, and practical gifts of connecting with young children, other people in general, etc.

    It's a pretty great gift and you can always pray to God to for leading (with a solid foundation in the Word of course, in case you hear voices which are not solely to be followed...) as to how and where to use these gifts. Always, it would be for His Kingdom, so make sure to seek out a church and a safe's kinda dangerous to mess with spiritual stuff outside God's boundaries.

    Sorry for sounding a little didactic, I hope this helped. :)

  8. Okay. I am a Christian, a professional counselor and I think an empath. Actually, I have always thought I was but recently if I touch someone who comes for prayer, I receive information about their feelings. my ability to perceive feelings has always been strongest when I am physically close to someone. So....I am also a professional counselor...I know if i touch someone I am more likely to be able to help them identify their feelings than if I don't. So, what do I do??

  9. I am so extremely sorry for not seeing all of these comments. I really thought no one was looking at this and admit to dropping the blog. I started praying recently about what I should do with the knowledge that I've gained through my experiences. It seemed like it was all so pointless and I ignored everything and now, I decided to stop and see what I had written in the past and here you all are! An answer to prayer only two or three days after I started praying about it again.

    I'll try to reply to each separately.

    Anonymous 1: "When I became a Christian this was one of the most difficult things for me to understand. Because I believed that it was wrong and did not belong. My 3rd eye was closed (thank God for that). But the gift did not go away it changed to disernment,God used it for his Glory. I am now a Christian Lay Counselor in our church and I have learnt to turn down the volume. I have learnt to embrace my gift as my ministry, but I always pray and confirm with God first before I do or say anything. Jesus Love"

    This is an awesome testimony that encourages me. I really hope that God does something like this for me. Maybe it's even in the works! My 3rd eye opens at random times through out the year and it's a struggle every time. I've found that stopping what I'm doing, closing myself in my bedroom and talking out loud to God helps. Thank you.

  10. Anonymous 2: "I have been a christian for many my whole life. I am glad to have others like me to talk to. I have thought I was just crazy for so long. I am new to this idea of being an Empath. It totally describes me and what I live with. I can't handle any kind of crowds. I freak out over all of the energy I pick up and can literally go into panic attacks. I know when someone does not like me. I feel others pain in such a strong way. How do you figure out what is your feelings and what is others attaching to you? Is this not of the occult? I am just learning as I said. Am I cursed or something? I can't turn it off and it freaks me out. I don't want to be an empath."

    No one can tell you if your particular situation is of the occult. I couldn't tell what was and wasn't when I was bombarded with all sorts of psychic abilities and spirits around me. I had to pray for God to take what was not of Him and He did. Only my dreams, visions and an extent of empathy remains. Enough to tell me when I'm doing something wrong. Sometimes, even now, it seems like a curse. I feel everyone's emotions or I get lost, not knowing what my own are. It's frustrating but God has kept me strong this far and I have faith He'll remain. Keep praying. Ask God to take what's not from him. Do not open yourself to anything that can invite negative spirits in. That's the most difficult step. Taking everything out of your life that opens you to the dark. That includes, movies, books, anything about the occult or spirits. They will turn on your sensitivities. I hope I helped!

  11. FaerieMoon: There is such a thing as emoters. Technically, every breathing thing that nears you is an emoter but there are some who are actually self-aware. I've read in a few forums about some who get a high off of it. They either give off their energy or they suck out the positive from others. They call themselves "psychic vampires." I was one of them back when I was sixteen. It's not God-given. When you start feeling overwhelmed or confused, you need to go somewhere where you can realize your own emotions. Ask yourself if it makes sense for you to feel depressed or angry. Think about what was happening before another person came into the room. Don't meditate on chakras. That will open the door for all sorts of things to get in. If God gave it to you, He will be your answer and your help. You have to talk to Him out loud when you're alone. In your mind as much as you can. That's the only way I've kept the abilities at bay this far.

  12. Anonymous 3: "I guess I am an empath. I really try to keep it to myself as most christians think I am into the occult. I love how I know what my kids want before they ask and that I can tell if I should not talk to someone."

    Thank you so much for stopping by! You are so right! God is our only answer. Anything outside of Him opens us to the spiritual plane that we must avoid at all costs.

  13. Ann: You are also right. It's more than kinda' dangerous. The smallest mishap will bring you down. Even after all the things I've seen and dealt with, I still find myself on the floor, crawling to God for help. It's a lifestyle to resist the devil and his counter-gifts. Thank you!

  14. Anonymous 4: Before a session, realize your own emotions. Make sure you understand your mood before the client shows up so you can tell the difference. And pray before each session for protection. I wish you the best of luck.

  15. I hope I helped some of you out. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at


  16. I have found that being an empath is a gift from God...when random strangers talk to me about very personal trials they are going through, when my neighbors and friends open up to me about personal things, or just trials, praises etc, they are going through, I know that God is wanting me to pray for them! I found that out once when I was crying all night after a neighbor's response to "advice" I gave her... I asked a very specific question of God... "What do you want me to do, God? I made friends with her...I went out of my comfort zone...what do you want me to do?????" in respect to all the information people tell me.....I wasn't sure if I was supposed to offer advice or try to help them in some way. God answered me through a sermon the very next day....pray for your neighbor. Who is your neighbor? Everyone. For a long time, I stayed away from people and now I know I have to be around people because I know God wants me to pray for whomever approaches me with any type of issue. The way I handle being around people is I ask God to put his shield around me, pulling out any negative energy from inside me and burning it up.....letting in positive energy from nature.....God is blocking all negative energy, burning it up before it can get through His shield around me. I picture the shield as a golden shimmery bubble. You would be amazed at how God will help you with this in this most amazing way! It has literally changed my life. I have to make sure to ask God to keep His shield up....when I start straying from Him, I can tell in more ways than one. God bless you dear one.

  17. I want to share my story, and let me say, it is not one I share often.

    I have only recently discovered that I might be an empath, and really only by accident. I was disturbed by all of the New Age ideas about being an really unsettled my spirit, and I've been praying about it a lot, and I'm really glad I found this.

    See, I seem to think it's more of a spiritual gift of discernment, even some prophecy. (For the record, I'm still not 100% at peace with prophecy, but that's a different discussion. I've done quite a bit of Christian research on both gifts, and have sought guidance from other, stronger Christians.)

    See, two years ago, I became friends with a boy at my school who was a year younger than me. He was Wicca, and I was (am) a Christian. He talked about all of the New Age stuff, about spells, about blood, and vampirism. I tried to reach out and witness to him. It was that winter that we had a discussion that greatly disturbed my spirit, and I began to recognize signs of demon possession. Yes, he was demon possessed.

    The rest of that year was...insane. School was hellish. Not only was I loaded academically, but I could sense the evil spiritual presences in my school. God saved my life. Even last year, there were a few times in the beginning that I really felt Satan attacking me. Once to the point that I knew that the demons in my room would kill me if I succumbed to their power. I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with a wonderful friend who knows and understands these things. She helped me pray through it.

    Anyway, I'm only just realizing that these things are probably what people would call being an empath. I'm so in tune to other people's emotions...sometimes it's draining, and it's hard for people to understand. I'm in tune to the spiritual realm as well, sensing angels and demons, as well as the Holy Spirit. I'm still not entirely sure that I will find peace with empathetic or even charismatic gifts. I am convinced, though, that God would not have allowed if there was not something of Him in this. My story is the reason why I can't stand the New Age ideas, the Occult. I've seen the Occult, and it is a tool of Satan. I will be tolerant of people who believe such things, and I will not cease in my prayers for these people. But my spirit will never be at peace with such ideas. I don't want to open up my heat to such satanic things. Those two years were plenty enough for me. I don't want false spirituality. That's why I'm so hesitant about all of this, even though the empathetic describes me to a T.

    I guess that's where I must learn to walk the fine line between being spiritually discerning (an empath) in a fallen world. Wherever this journey may lead me, I want to use whatever gifts God has given me for His glory, for His worship. I'm not sure if I'm typing this for the actual comment, or for myself, processing and understanding this. I know I'm probably repeating myself some. I just want to serve God and live my life in a way that is holy and pleasing to Him. I guess you could say that I'm struggling with this gifting. (For reasons as stated above.) But I'll get there, because I know God is always with me.

    1. It's truly amazing how He leads us to "stumble" upon people, places & things to speak to us & reveal His will & heart. I was originally online researching savant syndrome & ended up here. I've shared the same struggle that you have, in many different ways throughout my life. I've known for some time now that I'm an empath but I've struggled with understanding it's purpose. I have a vague sense of what He wants me to do with it, but until tonight it was still very cloudy & overwhelming for me.

      I've spent most of my life unsure of why I could discern things that others couldn't & wondering what on earth I was to do with it. I felt very insecure because people criticized me, saying I was too sensitive, over-analyzing people or situations, jumping to conclusions, etc. But my "gut" was always right. However, after so much criticism, I started ignoring my gift as I entered college, ignorant of the dangers this gift carries & unprotected by God. I was surrounded by other young women who were a spiritual nightmare, lost, desperate, confused, even witches. I didn't realize that, just as there are empaths, there are predators of people like us. We have a "familiar spirit", they too can discern it, & it's as if I was walking around glowing in the dark for them to find. I found myself in a nightmarish downward spiral,in multiple abusive relationships with men I'm certain lack any conscience or genuine emotion, but feed off of others energy, & then marrying 1 of them. All of this time I was terrifyingly alone because no one understood my gift, not even myself. I didn't understand or even know what an intimate relationship with Christ was & how critical it is to life in general, let alone coping with & using these abilities for His glory. You are very correct in calling the empath gift as a gift of spiritual discernment. They are one in the same, just different names, though not everyone with this gift has necessarily been annointed by the Father nor uses it for His purposes. It can be a weapon & a very dangerous one.

      The pieces didn't begin to make sense to me until recently, & tonight I believe I finally understand. About a year ago I was at a prayer meeting I had not intended to go to, at a church I didn't even attend at the time. It ended up being divine intervention on so many levels that to recall it tonight still carries a bewilderment. A tragedy happened within the church body that evening & made its way to the prayer meeting. I won't go into details, but He used me as a covering for a young woman who was drunk, scared, threatened & throwing punches at everyone including the pastor. Without the gift & His appointment I could've been pummeled. After things settled & she left, a couple visiting from Florida began prophecying (my first exposure to this). I thought they were off their rocker until they asked if they could pray over me. Feeling very uncertain, but prompted by the Spirit, I agreed. They laid hands on me & began praying over me, prophecying, & voicing my deepest emotions, as if they knew my heart as itimately as my Father. I found myself in tears as they described my gift, how it exhausted me & bewildered me & proclaimed an annointing of intercessory prayer & receiving visions in dreams. I believed them, but didn't understand, & unfortunately have been negligent, both in prayer & dream journaling. But tonight, after reading your story, I finally understand the connection. I wanted you to know that your story was the key that unlocked a very special & important door for me. And it could only be found by His guidance. Thank you so very much<3

    2. Worry about leading others to Christ. Learn the serenity prayer. Know what you can change, Change what you can, but have the wisdom to know the difference. The lost are those we need to find, but those who are in league with satin already may be best left for God to deal with at the appropriate time. Let Christ into your hart, know the end is near, and hope to be raptured.

  18. I have been a Christian all of my life. I was born into a Christian family and I didn't really have a conversion experience. My mother was telling me about Jesus and heaven, and I said, "I want that." That was it. I was 3.

    I have also been empathic my whole life. My mother is empathic, so I knew that I wasn't evil, because I knew she wasn't evil. I grew up and had a wonderful childhood. I wore my emotions on my shelve. When I was happy, everyone was happy and when I was upset, everyone was upset. It was a mixture of my gifts and the force of my personality. I never needed to hold back, my parents never put those sorts of restraints on me, loving me for everything I was.

    Then, the worst pain of my life happened. I was 17 and my parents were getting a divorce. A messy divorce. I felt betrayed by my mother and moved out with my father. The pain was so bad, i was depressed and angry, so much so that all of my friends and eventually my church turned its back on me. they couldn't look at my pain. It was too raw for them.

    So that was the age that I learned to lie and to hide what I was feeling. I built walls around myself for the first time.
    That was also the age that I started getting migraines. At first they lasted a week to ten days. Now they last 4 weeks and come as often as every other month.

    I've prayed. I've been prayed over. I've gone to every kind of doctor, because it has to have a physical cause, right? After 8 years or searching for one, I have come to the conclusion that it is related to my empathy. To my haphazard "protections" and "walls" that I have put up out of desperation. So to the world, I say that they are stress triggered, which is true, but there is an additional element of stress, the empathy, that I don't think I'm handling the best that I could. Does anyone know how to shield, or protect yourself more? The migraines are out of control, and I take medications that dull the pain and my abilities. Its the only thing that helps. but I would rather not use anything of sort.

    I honestly thought I was a freak. I knew other people with abilities close to mine, but they are witches or pagans and their answers would lead me to a place I'm not willing to go.
    So to find Christian empaths, I'm overjoyed. Do any of you have any suggestions? thoughts? prayers? answers???

    1. I'm a Christian. I'm an Empath. And I too have struggled with migraines.

      Let me share with you a few things that helped me.

      [1] Confession.

      Don't bury it. Scream it to God. (He knows how you're feeling anyways, so why not get it off your chest with all the honest emotion you can muster.)

      Tell someone you trust. Ask them just to listen and let you get it off your chest, no feedback necessary.

      Write it down, every dirty rotten last detail. I've found great freedom in this practice.

      [2] Your gift for yourself on occasion.

      That is to say, as an empath, I bet you're pretty good at visualizing. Don't see the headache as a headache but as a volume dial. Turn the dial (10-0) to match your current pain level. Then one deep breath at a time, turn the dial down a notch until you hit zero. Sometimes visualizing a relaxing atmosphere first helps, like the sound of the waves on the beach. Get the picture?

      [3] Diet and exercise.

      I know. That's what the doctor always say, right? But there is truth to the statement. Proper diet and exercise helps with get rid of those stress toxins that build up in our bodies and make us sick...or give us migraines.

      Hopefully this helps.

    2. Hi Anonymous, this is just a practical suggestion for the migraines. If you find that they begin with the fractured vision (the zaggy yellow lines), you might be able to nip it in the bud with eye moisture drops. I've had two migraines in my life, and they were unforgettable. A few years ago, another one was coming on, and my mom told me her trick, and it worked.

  19. Hello Everyone, I just thought i'd add something: I have always been an Empath, didn't know at first but found out couple of years ago. I tend to absorb EVERYTHING and it didn't/doesn't help that everyone around me or who was/is attracted to me was/is going through one bad thing or another. :(

    I had tried everything to help manage it but nothing worked. I was constantly in intense pain/confused. I had anxiety/ panic attacks constantly. I was always so weak/ drained emotionally/physically and mentally.. showing symptoms of diseases I didn't have ..the list goes on and on I was a complete MESS.

    All I did that helped was avoid people, lock myself up in my room, lay in my bed all day (weak from intense pain all over) with everything turned off: TV, Radio (I was sensitive to everything).. Everyone thought I was depressed but I knew in my heart it was far from depression cos I had nothing to be depressed over ..besides I had tried anti depressants and they were no use :(

    I was about to give up on life when one day I walked into Church. During the praise and worship session, I just began to cry because words had failed me at that time. I sang my heart out and I asked God to help me because what was living was not a life at all. I was miserable and if he was up there and since nothing is impossible for him he could help with my impossibilities. I prayed and left.

    Soon as i walked out the door.. I felt a lifting. Everything was gone: the confusion, and pain, weakness, sadness, anxiety e.t.c GONE!! EVERYTHING!! I had conciously/unconciously picked up was GONE! I was happy for the first time in a very LONG time.. I felt so much peace in my heart and mind it was UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    I tot i was free from it all, only to talk to/comfort/touch/hug/advice or interact with friends/family who're either ill or in pain = I absorb as usual :(... they feel so much better after and I'm miserable or ill... I run to Church!! and its all GONE :)

    These days, whenever I absorb, I sing praises to God and say a little prayer ... I feel everything LIFT!!
    So I found something that works for me. It is not a cure but it is a remedy. It might not work for all but it is worth a try. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT, hope this helps. :)

    1. I agree. Worship always helps me shake off everyone else's emotional static.

  20. "We have to live as if Jesus is coming tomorrow. We have to ask ourselves whenever we remember, "if He comes now, will I be worthy of His kingdom? Does He approve of what I'm doing now?" "

    I'm sorry it took me so long to respond but here goes:
    the only protection we have is Christ. It took me a long time to realize this, thinking I can overcome the demons that (still) come to me. Like the last comment before mine said, CHURCH. Go to church and try to find one with lots of worship. (not ONLY worship but preaching, too) When you sing and pay attention to the words as you sing, and lift your troubles to Christ, you WILL feel better. God cannot turn down those who run to Him. We are His children and he's given us these gifts to use for Him and He wants to help us. God bless you :)

  21. I want to say that I cannot even comprehend how many people have come across this blog and have shared their story. Thank you all so much for your prayers and fellowship , because yes, this is a form of fellowship, and it lifts me up every time I see others are incorporating into it. God bless you all! And feel free to email me at anytime!

  22. I am also a Christian empath. I also joined an empath community and picked up AWFUL vibes for the few months I was active there. I had to get away from there. I thought I could go back to the Christian group on that community but so many times, I felt compelled to ask "what do you guys consider to be a Christian?" because the line was so distorted. Some talked to spirit guides and used tarot cards, you name it. I did get lured into wanting to improve my "skills" but I took a step back and thought- is this pleasing to God or just to satisfy my own will and desires? And thankfully, God always pulls me back to him. He lets me stray momentarily to teach me a lesson, but then he brings me back to him and I am so honored to serve such an amazing God, he doesn't leave us stranded! God bless you! Just remember,

    "Everything is permissible"--but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible"--but not everything is constructive. 1 Corinthians 10:23

  23. Is empathy not just the sin of pride, which is what allows the demonic experiences in, a door has been opened which needs to be shut, normally been opened because of an extreme event and emotion in your life of which the response is one of not being able to aknowledge that you have no control only God has and how you respond is by not giving to God and trying to be a sort of mini saviour, but only Jesus is the one who should be the empathetic for people, so let go of this and be free.

    1. I was born an empath and as a child knew nothing about real sin and demonic influences. I never opened a door, it was always there, must not be an empath because if you were you would know things just come to you. you feel others' emotions as if they were your own. this is not always good, but it is always telling. I have loved Jesus for as long as I can remember, even as a child before I really knew him. However he always knew me and gave me this gift, and I would never equate myself with him. However, now I will trust Him to use the gift he gave me to help others'.

    2. Amen <3 empathy is not the sin of pride, nor sin at all, but part of the human condition & a beautiful part at that. It enables compassion & love. There is only one saviour & none of us on here would ever place ourselves anywhere near that pedestal but at His feet. When Christ rose again, before He departed, He gave us the Holy Spirit, & if you're familiar with the book of Acts, you know He annointed everyone of His followers with spiritual gifts. No church body is complete without every one of those gifts represented in some way. The gift of empathic ability (beyond that which the average person has) is simply the gift of spiritual discernment. It is no more sinful or prideful than any of the other gifts unless it is being used for purposes beyond His will or we begin to think that it is our ability, not His. There are many people in this world who don't or won't understand this gift, &/or any of the other gifts of the Spirit, & sometimes their lack of understanding can lead them to say hurtful things. Try not to take offense, but pray for them. Their beliefs & opinions are valid from where they stand, & formed by things we don't always comprehend or realize. Their ignorance is not always intentional, but rather, they are misinformed It's helped me greatly to remember that:) Just be warned that not all abilities that seem to come to us naturally/without effort are divinely given & there's a very fine line between empath/prophecy & divination. I've had too many instances in my life where I had unexplainable knowledge of future events & mind reading (unintentional, but nonetheless scary) that I'm very leary of & almost certain were not from God, though they were 100% terrifyingly accurate. Pray for His discernment & protection from things that aren't of Him, pray on the armor of God each morning & hold every thought/impression captive before Him. It's a very long a daunting journey, but a beautiful one when we take it one step at a time <3

    3. Beautifully stated...
      "Pray for His discernment & protection from things that aren't of Him, pray on the armor of God each morning & hold every thought/impression captive before Him. It's a very long a daunting journey, but a beautiful one when we take it one step at a time <3"

  24. Why so much confusion? Did not the word warn us of Satan's plan to decieve even the elect if it were possible. Be at peace with your gifts, for if you are true Christians then You are truly shielded by the Holy Spirit and sealed in His name. All true gifts are given by God, used for His glory and produce good fruit. Praise God for his abiding Love and He will lead you as to when and how you are to use that which he has blessed you with. Don't be afraid of your gift embrass it. Be still and listen to what God has to say, be humble, trust Him. I am an empath and I know there are trails that come with any gift, but I can promise you God is strong enough to shield you from evil. Praise God and come Lord Jesus.

  25. I am finding as I get older my intuitive/6th sense/ empathic abilities are getting stronger. I am a Christian, a mom, and a very confused person. I have experienced hearing voices of people not present, good and bad vibes, angels, demons, friends who know things without me telling them, the whole thing. All I know is it is very hard to deal with and currently I am dealing with a battle that I have no idea of the cause or outcome or length. All I can do is pray and try and surround myself with positive people. If you have any ideas how to coax some answers to my battle please let me know. Thanks

  26. I have not been able to put a name to the things I experience until recently. I am a faithful Christian. I could not survive were it not for my faith in the Lord, His plan. But I can FEEL emotions. I can dream something so real emotionally that the effects last for months. My son who is almost 16 is the same way. Most of my experiences of late have been with what I consider my "soul connection". Someone with whom I feel completely connected. I realized during a day that what I was feeling wasn't mine but his. And when that realization hit, I was able to relax and push it back, or turn it off. It was then that I found this site. I am so glad to see that there are other Christians who feel this gift. And I do see it as a gift. I have been able to help others and counsel them and bring them to Christ with my ability to truly feel what they are going through. My son is different. We have forever thought he was depressed. This 'lightswitch' reaction to things makes a lot more sense if it's not his emotions that are coming through. I hope that some of this imformation will help him with discernment. He is drawn to darker things, but his compassion and empathy are what shows through.Thank you for this community.

  27. It's great to come across this site. I am a strong Christian but have had these 'feelings' for as long as I can remember - even as a child. I am 50 and as I get older, I realize that this is becoming stronger. I never even knew the term 'empath' until someone I have a strong connection with, mentioned it to me. She is also a Christian and has a strong faith grounding. I have been called a prophet; I have been blessed with God giving me scripture and prophetic dreams as well. Praise Jesus, He also leads me into the discernment of these dreams. For as long I can remember though, babies and small children; the elderly; the person in the grocers, strike up a conversation with me and will begin to tell me what is going on in their lives. I have a shop on a popular site and some of my buyers...well, most of my buyers, I end up becoming their confidant; their therapist; their counselor; their friend...forming a strong bond when I don't even really know them or have met them. Of course, from that moment on, I start feeling what they feel. I start knowing when they are going through something. I look at this as a definite blessing from God. I can see, though, how some would not want it as at times, I get very very tired. My mind, some days, feels full. My husband, while he is a strong Christian man, does not understand what I go through. It's hard to tell him that I simply can't watch our grandchildren because my mind is too conflicted with other things. He thinks I'm just being selfish. So any insight from someone that deals with problems with their spouse on this level would be deeply appreciated. Thank you for this's such an inspiration to read the other postings. It lets me know that I am not alone. God bless...

  28. "Is empathy not just the sin of pride, which
    is what allows the demonic experiences in, a
    door has been opened which needs to be shut,
    normally been opened because of an extreme
    event and emotion in your life of which the
    response is one of not being able to
    aknowledge that you have no control only God
    has and how you respond is by not giving to
    God and trying to be a sort of mini saviour,
    but only Jesus is the one who should be the
    empathetic for people, so let go of this and
    be free. "

    Actually, it is considered to be a gift of knowledge, one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit (see 1 Corinthians 12:7-11). It is important that it is a gift from the Holy Spirit, rather then the same "gift" that can be given by satan, but knowing another person's emotions is not always demonic, unholy or prideful.

    To the Anonymous who commented above me - I think there are two things that could be done (either separately or both) to help you. The first would be to pray for and learn about shielding and the other would be to talk honestly with your husband about it.

  29. Thank you for this site. I'm in early college and when a friend came back from a school of ministry retreat and told me that she had realized/found out/been shown that she was an empath, or more over that there was a word for what we both are, I was confused to say the least. I had trouble seeing this as a gift from God and not something of Satan, of the occult. I have talked to some other Christians who I trust and have come to see it as a gift, although I still sometimes doubt that I have the gift, because realizing fully what I'm able to do, it seems impossible at times. Anyway, that is beside the point. The point is: Thank you for this site. I wish I would have found it sooner, although it is really nice and amazing to know that there are other Christian empaths out there with the same abilities that I have. (My friends and my abilities manifest slightly differently. I am an empath and she has empathic tendencies with dream knowledge and prophecy as her sounding board, as it were.) ANYWAYS--again, thank you so much. Keep it up!

  30. Thank you for this blog. I was born with this gift, but stayed away from using it for fear I would be drawn into the occult. I'll pray now to God to see if he wants me to use it, as always for His glory and honor.

  31. I was adopted at 5 years old.I left three brothes behind. We suffered a lot of sexual abuse. Ever since I leftv I've felt their pain so much I went a little crazy. I was able to know wheb my brother was going to kill himself to the day. I told my roomate she thought I was crazy till he did it.One night at a wedding I got a little manic and freaked out telling my sweet guy friends something was wrong with my brothers. I cried all night and had panic attacks for the next few weeks my birth day came 2 weeks after my freak out and I almost fell over in the store with such a feeling I can't describe I knew one of my biological family members were gonna die. Turns out the night of the wedding one of my brothers tried to kill my dad. The next week t days after my bday my brother brutaly merdered my dad. Somehow I felt all their stuff. Now I struggle with shutting feeling them off. I need help before I go nuts

  32. If you need someone to talk to, please email me @

    1. I sent u an email sorry I'm so all over the place I hope it makes sense. I struggle with putting whaT I feel in words

  33. Hi,

    I am a born again Christian and an empath as well. I have been that way since I can remember. I also know what it is that people need to help them. I consider this to be a spiritual gift to be used for the Lord.


  34. Oh, if anyone would like to talk about being an empath, please feel free to email me at

    Sarah :)

  35. Hi all..thank God that i ahve come to stumble upon this i am also an empath..used to play around with black magic..backslided Christian before..up until i was spritually abused and used by my ex husband..the father to my daughter..i believed that i had an affair with a demond..being lured into the darkside of the world..the demonds they knows what is our biggest weakness and they know how to use it on us..Then today i am ultimate broken, drained by the luring of the demonds..thier still following me around..gotten in too deep at this side of what i can call "almost hell like"..for LOVE..i fall here..

    But then again..GOD still lives even at this side of darkness..i constantly have him in my heart slowly but surely..all the stolen dignity, purity, cleansing and purification..through sincerity prayers..i believe that i will somehow get out from this cold deepnest..everyone around me seems to be a vessel for that demon..

    I never thought playing around with black magic can cause this much of damage into once soul..but nevertheless i thank God that he never left my side..

    Then again i thank to all of you Christian empaths for sharing all of your experiences and blessings to all of you out there..may all of us find our right straight paths as Christians again! Lotsa prayers for all of us, anymous malaysian

  36. To say this site is a blessing is an absolute understatement. Thank you all for putting yourselves out there, I've been very lost for a very long time. I didn't even know what the term "Empath" was until I stumbled upon it today. I too have felt everything from everyone around me, and I've recently started to take an antidepressant. It only makes me sick and I feel like I'm losing a part of myself while I'm on it. I've experienced the spiritual abuse and it won't stop anytime soon. She believes she's saving me. I struggle with my faith because I always feel lost and afraid. I've been abused all through my childhood by those that "love" me and then left to fend for myself. I want to put my faith in God, and I know I should. I believe in God, I believe Christ is the only way to salvation. I'm still learning to trust Him. I didn't know until about 2 weeks ago that that was my biggest problem, that I didn't trust Him. I screamed it out to Him, I cried and cried because I've always felt so alone. I felt like I was the worst person in the world for telling Him that I don't trust Him. And then He showed me this site. He's led me here to all of you and I can't explain the relief that I'm feeling. I still have a lot of growing to do, but knowing that I'm not a creature of evil because of my empathy is well beyond relieving. All of my life I've been made to feel guilty for being different, no more. I appreciate every single one of you who has posted more than you will ever know. It's time for me to push aside my anger and pain and accept that the Lord knows what He wants from my life and let Him guide me. Thank you.

  37. OMG (goodness) - people just like me. This explains so much about me. I thought I was a freak. I questioned my Christianity, people don't know how to relate to me. I can even sense the spirits in people. Please stay in touch with me as I found this site by research. Dennis -

  38. My name is Mina and I can help. I am a christian. You can reach me at

    Meditate on this from James: Focus on 23. I will explain why.

    "22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. 23 For if any one is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who observes his natural face in a mirror; 24 for he observes himself and goes away and at once forgets what he was like. 25 But he who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer that forgets but a doer that acts, he shall be blessed in his doing.."

    he is like a man who observes his natural face in a mirror; 24 for he observes himself and goes away and at once forgets what he was like.

    The point is to maintain the Holy Spirit even when you are out. If you meditate on the words above; it dispels it.

    2. Take a day to pray and fast

    "for this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting"

    That clears you of any and every energy.

    3. Invite Jesus in. For those of you who may have become like this (through non christian practice) or just are this way; what happens is that you may have used some kind of practice to become "open"

    Well, if you are open or a channel then anything can enter, right? Well the solution to that is to be filled- WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. Ask Jesus to stay in you and to block and refuse to allow any spirit to enter or take control. Ask that HE gives you the power and strength to be a mighty rock so that HE in you can heal others so if you run into someone who is really hurting or negative; Jesus in you will turn it around and JESUS (YOUR SPIRIT) in you, will enter them for the good and not the other way around.

    When you are feeling "flooded" or full or whatever, try and separate from your anger and say to yourself, God is using me as a vessel to pray for someone. SO then you just pray for the person/entity you are feeling to recieve succor through Jesus Christ. Dont just let their energy linger in you :) It clears it right up, gives you blessings (because you are praying for others) and you contribute to the greater good!

    Beware of the chakras and all that new age can "open" things you would rather keep shut. Trust me; been there, done that; struggled through it!

    Finally, use your armor! the word and Jesus is our armor and we fight against principalities your bible.

    Take heed. We are mightier than ANYTHING that might come against us!!!! God bless you and keep us all in prayer

    In Jesus' name- CLAIM YOUR POWER!!!

  39. Mina again:


    Regarding being drained.

    Remember that Jesus had someone touch the hem of his robe and HE felt energy come out of HIM?

    Remember that sometimes HE had to separate HIMSELF from the masses?

    Remember, we are made in GODs image. Jesus is our brother and we Christians are the body. What we experience is not that big of a deal as is part of the Christian experience! It is HIS way of creating a group/ministry who just by the very nature of thier sensing ability of others pain, hurt etc are MADE to pray for those who are hurting!!

    After all, it is said HE came to heal the sick, not the well!

    So why would he not create HIS army of prayer warriors (Christian empaths) to walk through the walking wounded masses of humanity who "refuse to turn to HIM and be healed," feeling their pain and praying for them?

    We are HIS feet. When you walk into an environment and feel flooded-become aware that nothing can pierce your armor IF you are fortified in the HOLY SPIRIT.

    Be watchful...try not to do stuff that weakens you...watching porn, you know crap that makes us all human...we are like water..the more filth you introduce the dirtier we become and feel and so you yourself become muddied.

    No preaching..I sin plenty and do take advantage of GRACE!!

  40. Finally- Mina again.

    Some call it energy vampires, some call it whatever..the truth is DEPENDING ON HOW GROUNDED WE ARE IN CHRIST, we can all (pardon my crudeness) suck!

    We are all drainers in some way and form if we are not filled and fortified in HIM!

    Just accept that you will just have to stay filled more than the average bear and get ready to be a power source...because people are drawn to it...



    thank you Jesus!!!!!!

  41. The Lords prayer when prayed after absorbing from others will restore your soul. It is powerfull and yet so simple. When you suffer because of others, it is a way for The Lord to draw you closer to Himself in relationship and dependance. He is our Heavenly Father. Should we not be running to Him. Our journey is to walk through a dark and suffering world. Should we not bare their suffering and sicknesses so that they might believe in One True God. I am called to give water(living)to all who are thirsty and without price, for freely I have been given and freely I give. If I Absorb a deadly sickness from a sick man, do I remain sick? If I give water to the thirsty, does my cup become empty? The Lord takes that sickness and fills my cup to overflowing.You all have been given a gift from above. It was meant to bring Glory unto The Lord.Even those in the other boards will eventually turn to Him for He said when I am lifted up I will draw all men unto myself. It is not His desire that any should suffer, for He suffered in our place that we may have life, eternal life.
    I hope this will help those who need it.
    The Least

  42. I was trying to find a good, Christian forum for people wanting to learn more about being an empath. I remember the original post mentioning something about a forum for meeting fellow Christian empaths and I wanted to know what that was. So far, I don't know any other empaths and all the forums I find are occultic

  43. my friend be careful.i do not believe you know truly what you think you know or its something else.i do not believe in empath because it describes me a lot but i know that is not a category i want to be in.not because i am or i am not,but i care that i am in touch with God and God alone.what the bible does not say i do not want to believe,not because of anything but because i know that i know that i know that anything outside it is of satan,an angel of light.For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.i see so much fear here,that i have faced myself that i just want to encourage any Jesus believing christian to trust in him and him alone.if you need protection he is the way and the truth and the life.only he is able.of you who believe they have the gift of discernment- you cannot expect what satan used to be used by God without him protecting fixing,repairing,delivering,it first.why i say this ? search scripture.God loves you.he knows you need the fruit of the spirit for his gifts and vice versa. he is a God of Judgement and of love.Look up christian will understand.I cannot explain it to you,but here's something for you to consider-You are on the fine line between Life and Death.Choose that which chose you first.Choose him who chose you first.Jesus Christ.

  44. I am really amazed by the similarities in everyone's testimony. I grew up Catholic and was born again for the last 3 years. I never knew what an Empath was until recently and of course I was very uncomfortable with the term because of it's occult connections. I was a pagan prior primarily because I had gifts of prophecy & empathy and never found answers outside of the occult until now. when I became Born-Again I as happy to hear we had Spiritual Gifts & Fruits of the Spirits (actually anyone can have them but for some reason they are more developed in others). Being an empath has always been a struggle. Since I was young I had panic attacks out of nowhere, although I never felt like the emotions I had were mine. I always wondered why I had such strong first impression of people I barely knew, like I KNEW who I could trust or who didn't like me. I started to realize that other people's emotions could actually AFFECT me. I get worried sometimes because it affects me physiologically, my blood goes up HIGH, i start feeling dizzy and get nausea. I am pretty healthy most of the time, but whenever i have long exposures to(for lack of a better word)BAD energy my health can even get affected. I was just wondering how to deal with situations you can't help, obviously I CAN'T really stay away from negative family members ALL the time. I pray ALOT,I can understand how this is a GIFT because strangers open up to me ALL the time anywhere I am, but I'll carry the negativity with me sometimes!

  45. I am an empath as well, I am a born again Christian, but no one in my church has that ability, I am confused because God has given me the ability to sense someones pain and depression and then gives me thoughts of love and hope towards them so I then comunicate it to them, and right after I will open the bible and somehow the verse will make reference to what happened. But my pastor says that the bible doesnt mention those abilities and its probably satans work behind all of this. When I was a child i would see spirits everywhere, sense things, have visions and dreams, after I recievd our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it went away, (it was a nasty battle) but the empathy remained please help. Please email me

  46. I just wanted to thank you for your post. I have always been in tune with others since I was a little girl. I could tell when others didn't like me, I always felt awkward and different. I could tell what others really meant even if they said something differently. I was able to change my mannerisms, tone of voice, etc in order to get that person to feel more comfortable. I knew how to act towards someone according to their own individual personality to get the best outcome even if I just met them. People would notice this and say that I would change when I got around certain people but I honestly didnt realize it. I also get overwhelmed by seeing someones emotions even if its just on tv, or just hearing their voice. I have a hard time emotionally connecting to people I am supposed to feel close to and constantly feel like my own emotions are feeding off of everything or everyone else like roots of a plant. I battle depression and feel crazy most of the time. I have also always felt that sometimes there is a dark presence around me. As a child and sometimes as an adult I would have vivid nightmares. They were so real and even being awake did not make the feeling of a dark presence go away. I would sometimes get these feelings even when being awake and just walking somewhere. The only way I could make them go away was to pray and tell the "darkness" that I bind them in the name of Jesus and continue to pray for a moment and then the dark presence would just be gone. I am a Christian so to think of any of this as being an "empath" is not an option but seeing that other people battle with this is helping me understand what I have been going through. Right now I try to stay focused on helping others and I currently have three kids and run two non-profits that help children. I stay so busy and help so much that it gets to a point where I can't keep up with it or the feelings of others, or their need for help and healing. I even made an appointment next month with a Christian counselor because I think something is really wrong with me. Reading your experience has given me some comfort. Thank you.

  47. So are you saying that it's wrong for Christians to use empathic abilities? I think I might be an empath because I experience a lot of what empaths are said to. But as a Christian I don't know if I believe in an empathic trait or if it's okay to exercise this if it's real. What sort of advice do you have?

  48. Are saying that Christians shouldn't exercise empathic abilities? I think I might be an empath because I experience a lot of the things that they are said to. But as a Christian I don't know if I believe in such a thing or if it's okay to use it. Can you help?

  49. Hello Never knew what an Empath was,(Thanks For sharing)yet I know I walk in it. Always have. I know I am not Physic, but I am very prophetic. I am super sensitive to my whole environment including physical ailments, yet I know that the physical is not mine so I pray and ask the Lord what I need to know! I look at other sites and take the good and leave the rest, always knowing that The devil has no original thought or action... So it is ALL God's and simply needs redeemed.

  50. I have been empathic all my life. Also various forms of ESP run in our family on my mother's side. Each one of these people were very holy and god centered people. My grandmother was an evangelistic singer, a preacher's wife and the daughter of a preacher. I have been raised in the Christian faith my whole life and spent most of my life living as a Christian. I did backslide for a while, but it wasn't for long and I came back to GOd just like the prodigal son. My sister has the ability to know when someone is pregnant and what it will be. My mother senses when someone is in danger or trouble. We all have premonitions. I also can walk into a place and sense energies and sometimes spirits. On occasion I have even seen them. I am having a difficult time with this because I know the Bible. But, I have to wonder if God hasn't given me these abilities for a reason. I have had very real visions and have even come face to face with Satan himself in a vision. In all of these visions and dreams, my abilities are being used to fight the Devil and his minions. My dad thinks I should just forget about and move on, but these abilities are a part of me and I just don't know where to go from here.

  51. Question= so can those of you who are empaths feel emotional or physical pain or both? I have been able to feel illnesses in people and am wondering what it is?

    1. Yes, I'm able to feel both from people..

  52. IN response to 7-12-13 post I feel that we are to use our God given talents for his glory. But, in light of the popularity of the dark books etc (vampires) and the New Age movement it is tough to discern what is of God and what is not. I ask God to reveal to me what is of him and what is not. If it is of Satan I ask him to cast it out and ban it from my home and my thoughts. I beleive that we were given this skill set as a means to an end and that together we can find out how to use it best. HUGZ

  53. This was a great site to stumble across. Being a christian empath does come with complications. Interestingly I have found that the biggest struggle seems to be acceptance from other Christians. As where pagans will openly accept an empath for what they are. I saw a good point made in a previous post about the difference between old testament God and new testament God. It's no longer about law, it's all about love. My warning is that regardless of the words that come out of your mouth, if you are not coming from a place of love you are in the wrong from the start. Love over all!

  54. Our abilities can be used for good or evil. We have some special powers other people do not have. But, its not something to brag about or be proud of. Or be ashamed of or feel guilty about. The abilities in and of themselves are not against God. Infact, Jesus had these abilities and many more too. Jesus was supernatural. not everything supernatural is evil. alot of it is from God ! We are not supposed to be reading crystal balls or tarot cards. But, if you inherently are born with these abilities you dont need any props or rituals. Just focus and intent and high vibrational energy inside yourself. Love is the most powerful magic that exists and it comes from God. if your heart is pure and you allow the holy spirit to work through you then you can have a dramatic influence on your environment, your life and the lives of those around you, in a very positive way ! if you are filled with the holy spirit you wont be able to stray too far off track anyway. Youll know if you grieve the holy spirit because as an empath you will feel the absence of the holy spirit and thats your wake up call to turn back around. its only happened to me once but it only took two weeks to set things right with God and Jesus. i just had to pray alot, give glory to God and let him know that whatever was his will i would accept it and i also pleaded to God in the name of jesus christ to heal my broken heart. when you do healing work and try to help people who do not have a relationship with God, these things can and do happen but for me it only happened once. i listen to the holy spirit and let it guide everything i do so it becomes very clear when ive swerved off path. One reason i have a problem with Christians and the church is when they try to tell people its not ok to be Empaths. To be honest, its one reason so many claim to belong to God but have no actual relationship with God. They are so afraid to FEEL anything because they read in a bible passage that feelings cant be trusted. They actively try to be the opposite of sensitive. Guess what? Jesus was a sensitive. Thats right. if you want to be like Jesus you better turn that bus around because you are heading in the opposite direction LOL

  55. Another Anon - Rebecca

    Thanks to everyone who shared personal experiences! I'm so glad to come across this blog post and find others who identify with what I experience. I don't know anyone in real life who has a solid comprehension of this ability as well as a solid walk with Jesus. I hope someday I'll meet someone in person who shares these things. Since I have yet to find that, I am extra grateful for the responses here.

    I'd love to read stories of how everyone has used their abilities as part of a healing ministry.

    Blessings on you all.

    1. Do you see things? Do they happen after you see them? Do you dream things and then a week or so later or even that day find out it happened during the night? Do you feel what others are feeling? Do you hear what they say when no words come out? Do you know when a person feels nothing, but you feel the hurt that is underneath? Do you stay up at night and wonder what you would have seen if you had let go and slept? Do you avoid people and things that make you feel weird or sad or anxious? I want to use this if it is a gift from God. I am firm Christian and want no part of the occult. I feel too much too often and it is scary.

  56. I am so happy to have come across this page. Since i was a child iwas always very perseptive and intune with others i always brushed it off to the hard life ive had ive know emotionally pain to the fullest so i thought since i knew sadness i could spot it easily. I am probably one of the most sensitive people ever, i cannot handle the world we live in sometimes for example when i see a news story about child abuse or a kidnapping i get very upset not just sad but sick to my stomach n ill cry and the sadness from the whole situation just sits with me for quite a while. I never understood why i was always so sensitive. Just recently i thought of someone i hadnt seen in years soi decided tolook them up on social media come to find out the person is hurting tremendously emotionally. This wasnt just a quick thought of them but so much more i became consumed with finding them n making sure they were ok n i couldnt get them out of my head and i still cant. I read the bible alot and have also come across alot of verses talking about occult stuff n pyschics and that they are not of God so it was hard to look up why these things where happening and if im crazy or what. Sorry for typos and grammer but im on my phone.

  57. I'll come back and comment more but had to say this now...thank you.

  58. Hi,
    I have " stumbled " upon this site as well. I am an empath as and I am able to feel others and their energy, emotions. and then this experience affects me physically. Often I will be drained, and perhaps become physically ill. If others on this sit have similar experiences, please comment.
    God bless.

  59. Isaac

    I was looking for fellow empaths on the web but they were mostly new age and occult but seeing this site and reading about fellow Christians empath makes me want to cry. It's like I have my family.
    Its such a lonely struggle to remain Christian and yet having all these abilities. I have to hid it from my church and yet at the height of my Christian service I was even a church planter. Now I am a healer in hiding as I have found that God had given me a gift to heal and to teach others to heal too but my church says there is no more gift of healing today yet I am healing others. I used to teach that but 8 years ago I found I could heal and its such a contradiction. I can feel other people's energy and help them unblock their pain even if they are at the other end of the world. I am at the verge of giving up on my church life as I feel I am living in fear of discovery and as a hypocrite with a secret life. My abilities are growing stronger and I am actually afraid of what it will become especially as I can detect evil spirits but do not have the power to remove them. My church do not allow exorcism only prayers. I cling to verses like ' Greater is He that is in us that he that is outside' , 'I am sealed with the Holy Spirit of promised', 'I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me'. Can anyone advise me on my fears.

    God Blessed

  60. howdy! Also just found this site and blog. Doing some soul searching and trying to understand how to balance Christianity and being an empath. I've been overwhelmed lately and I think that it's because things that are surrounding me right now are overwhelmingly negative and it's dragging me down. I work with juveniles in a locked residential program and that is pretty heavy. There are also a lot of personal challenges I'm facing that invite negative emotions. Just finding this blog and knowing that I'm not crazy for feeling like this is a big help. Thank you!!! God bless!