Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's a snowy, saturday morning and I should be enjoying it. I seem to have a problem though. Let me start from Thursday night.

I was at church and we were praying. The Holy Spirit came down on the church and many were speaking in tongues while a woman prophecied. Another girl my age had a vision for the church and I had a vision for a relative. It happened while I prayed for her(she's having some problems).

The vision was this:
There was a field with a tar pit in it. My relative stood in the tar pit and there was tar smeared over her eyes, keeping them closed; blinding her. Noticing someone over her shoulder, I looked and saw another person I know. I won't go into details there because I already shared this vision with that person.

I feel compelled to share this vision with my relative. Though I have the basic idea of what it means, I'm not sure how she'll take it. We were so close at a time and now we hardly speak. To make things worse, I had a dream last night that I shared the vision with her and she became angry and shouted and told me she didn't believe in God anymore. I fear for her, because that vision was a bad omen. I'm afraid of what will come to her if she doesn't change and return to previous state (before all the problems started).

Remember when I posted the fact that the demons try to stop me from doing certain things? This is one of those things. When I think about speaking to my relative about it, I get shaky and scared. Nervous and anxious. My hands tremble, my words twist and I can't speak clearly. I will share my vision with her though, out of fear for her well being and even her life.

God, speaking what I feel needs to be said is so hard sometimes...but seeing how I'm being affected by it confirms the fact that it needs to be said..whether she hates me in the end or not.

I'll try to write more on my testimony in a few moments.
I just needed to get this out.


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