Friday, February 5, 2010

Do I Have Permission To Go Insane?

Alright, here is a wonderful opportunity to share the kind of garbage I have to deal with.

I'm just exhausted of all these attacks from the spirit world and I don't know how to stop it.

Last night's dream was intertwined with a tornado dream which is normally a warning for me that something is about to happen. Well, normally...the only difference is that in the dream, I didn't actually SEE the tornado but I was with a number of ppl (in Oklahoma, apparently) that were waiting for it; expecting it and readying ourselves for it. Also in the dream was the feeling of being bare and discovered. (yes, a scene where i was suddenly naked haha). And, a scene with a woman who knows that my past consisted of witchcraft.

So, my prediction?
Some of my past that I would rather not have shared with the whole church will get out, probably through this woman that knows the fact that I was involved with the occult. It's probably going to make me nervous that it will turn into something worse or it WILL turn into something worse. Idk.

Anyone ever have something similar happen or any insight? You're more than welcome to share.

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