Thursday, April 15, 2010

God, sometimes I just want to scream the truth about me to everyone who doesn't have the slightest clue!

I brought it on myself, I know, by opening the spiritual door for all these demons when I was in middle school. But it can be torture sometimes just knowing that the vast majority of the world doesn't know the truth that there are people out there that can do frightening things. It hurts now because I know the truth and because I have to resist the pull to open my mind to the spiritual world again. When you don't know and your mind is an open doorway for them, they numb you and blind you from them. They make you think it's okay to be psychic and to know things you shouldn't but when you turn your back on them and try to be a better person, they torture you. In every possible way, you feel them pulling at your mind, your body, everything. I used to wonder why they wont leave me alone. Why they couldnt see that I wasnt going back to that life but something tells me that there is more.

I was good at what I did. I touched on every psychic ability, you name it. Granted, I wasnt good at all of it, but once you get one thing down, they can use you. It's a spiritual battle between good and evil right here on the our plane that normal people cant see. You dont think I look like a normal girl when I'm out? You cant tell who is what unless you're involved or going to be involved. Unless, one of us pulls you in. I've done that to a number of people and I regret it but they're still blind and numb and think what theyre doing is fine. It's not fine! They're using you and you wont see it until you're dead or your life it screwed.

That was a lot of jabber. I'm sorry people. It feels like I got a loose screw at the moment. I sound like a mental patient, don't I. I wonder who actually reads this junk lol most of you dont understand this but the other empaths out there, wow, sorry guys. I hope it wasnt too much to take in. A lot of insane emotions right now.


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