Monday, April 19, 2010

Think I Figured it Out

so, I was an emotional wreck last time I posted. My bad.

It was interesting to discover, though, that the night I had the volcano dream was the night that the Icelandic volcano erupted. Looking at pictures of the volcano, I saw an almost identical image of what I saw in the dream. I didn't know how to react...I told my brother, who knows about most of the things I go through, and I told my hub who didnt have anything to say. But, whatever. At least, I know the emotions of suffering and pain and loss that I felt the following morning was connected with something. I wonder though, what's the point in that? In seeing something when I can't help anyone through it? I think I may just be getting picked on. I'm praying about it so I'm sure I'll figure it out with time.

Just thought I'd share. Take care all :)


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